METROPOLIS, IL — Pastor Trad York of Waldo Baptist Church in Metropolis, IL, has been serving as the Chaplain for both the Marshall County and McCracken County Sheriff’s Departments since 2019, extending his pastoral duties beyond the confines of his church to provide spiritual support to law enforcement officers in the region.

Upon assuming the role, Pastor York wasted no time in establishing a monthly Bible study tailored for law enforcement personnel across the Kentucky and Illinois border. This initiative aims to foster spiritual growth and provide a platform for officers to come together in fellowship. Additionally, once a month, Pastor York graciously opens his home to officers, offering them a space for camaraderie, nourishment, and mutual support.

The gatherings have seen participation from representatives of various agencies, with up to eight different organizations from both states being represented. Pastor York expresses gratitude for the opportunity to bring together individuals from different backgrounds under the umbrella of faith and community service.

“I am very blessed to serve as a Chaplain in these departments and to extend my support to those in distress, especially during tragic events,” Pastor York remarked, underscoring the importance of spiritual resilience in the face of adversity.

Through his efforts, Pastor York has witnessed a profound spiritual growth among law enforcement officers, coupled with a heightened dedication to serving their communities. His dual role as a pastor and chaplain has allowed him to offer solace and guidance to individuals navigating the challenges inherent in their profession.

As Pastor York continues his ministry, he remains committed to providing unwavering support to law enforcement officers and fostering a sense of unity and strength within the community they serve.