WICKLIFFE, KY – On January 28, 2024, at approximately 3:45 PM, a routine traffic stop conducted by a Ballard County deputy sheriff took an unexpected turn in Wickliffe, Kentucky.

According to the report posted on the Ballard County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the incident unfolded when a deputy sheriff initiated a traffic stop on a white Chevrolet Malibu at the Dollar General Store on Phillips Drive. The driver, identified as Chaz Bradshaw of Cairo, IL, exited the vehicle and attempted to enter the Dollar General upon coming to a stop in the parking lot.

The deputy instructed Bradshaw to return to his vehicle, which he complied with. During the interaction, the deputy detected a strong odor of marijuana emanating from Bradshaw’s person. As Bradshaw moved towards his driver’s side door to retrieve his license, the deputy noticed a handgun in plain view on the driver’s seat.

When instructed to step out of the vehicle, Bradshaw refused to comply. Subsequent attempts to assist him out resulted in a brief struggle. Despite the deputy’s efforts, Bradshaw managed to close the driver’s door and started the vehicle. In a reckless maneuver, Bradshaw accelerated in reverse towards the deputy, forcing him to evade the oncoming vehicle by jumping out of its path.

Following the incident, Bradshaw fled the scene, heading towards Cairo. The vehicle was later located behind a residence, concealed under a tarp.

Chaz Bradshaw turned himself in a short time later to Illinois authorities and January 29th, 2024. He was transported back to Ballard County where he was lodge on the following charges.

Murder-Police Officer (Attempted)

Assault 3rd Degree- Police Officer

Criminal Mischief 1st

Fleeing or evading 1st

Speeding over 8 mph hour

Resisting Arrest

Reckless Driving

The Ballard County Sheriff’s Officer was assisted by the Kentucky State Police, Alexander County Sheriff’s Office, Cairo Police Department and U.S. Marshalls.