CARLISLE, CO. – Hitting wildlife on our highways is an awful feeling and can cause serious injuries and major damage to our vehicles. Carlisle County Sheriff Will Gilbert pens a rather humorous message to a serious problem. The following was posted on the Sheriff’s Department Facebook Page.

“We are nearing that special time of the year when love is in the air, the signs are there. Stores sell candy hearts, balloons, flowers of pink and red colors are predominant in the seasonal isles of the store.

The guys are starting to seek out that special someone, the ladies will prance around drawing attention, looking for affection.

Driving down the road you can sometimes smell it. I’m not talking about Valentines Day. That fragrance that IFYKYK falls between a smell like someone got some primo green, and omg that is an awful smell. Yup, that’s right it’s skunk mating season.

I bring this up, because as Pepe’ Le Pue is lookin’ for love in all the wrong places, lookin’ for love in too many faces, Searchin’ their eyes looking for traces of what I’m dreaming of……sorry got sidetracked again. As I was saying, while Pepe’ is frantically trying to chase down Penelope he will inevitably cross the roadway. Into your path….

No one wants to hit a skunk, it stinks, believe it or not it can cause some major damage to your vehicle. So we try and swerve, this can cause us to overcorrect and end up in a ditch. So as we enter the mating season of skunks, and are rushing to the stores to buy a gift for the retail established holiday of Valentines Day. Let’s be mindful of the furry black and white lovers crossing the roadways.”

Have a great Week!

Sheriff Gilbert