Posted by Beau Dodson

UNITED KINGDOM (NewsFirst) — Meet Erica Hart, the pet detective renowned for reuniting 330 lost dogs with their owners at no cost, employing a thermal imaging drone.

Refusing payment, Erica finds fulfillment solely in the joy of reunification between pet and owner. Her journey began in April 2018 when her father gifted her a drone. Prompted by a local missing dog report, she piloted her drone to successfully locate a lost schnauzer.

Word of her talent spread rapidly, propelling Erica into 330 dog rescue missions across the UK, from Scotland to Somerset. Not limited to canines, she has also aided in finding cats, emus, cows, and even assisted mountain rescue teams in locating missing individuals.

Driven by an innate desire to assist, Erica views her work as a labor of love, emphasizing the emotional impact it has on pet owners. Witnessing grown men moved to tears upon reuniting with their beloved pets is a testament to the profound connection between humans and animals.

Despite the toll on equipment—having gone through approximately 30 drones—Erica stresses the human aspect as paramount. She remains on call seven days a week, including holidays, and has participated in rescues lasting up to 12 days, demonstrating unwavering dedication to her cause.