CALVERT CITY. KY (NEWS FIRST) – News First supports the Calvert Drive In-Theater and wants to make everyone aware of the issue with less than honest individuals sneaking in for free movies.

Folks, we’ve got a problem. We like to think everyone is honest, but we are going to have to make some changes. We will be having a lot attendant check tickets before the feature every night. We know it’s an annoyance to have someone ask for proof you’ve paid but tonight we had 38 cars buy tickets and have 51 cars on the field watching the movie.The others “just came to pick up food”. Purchasing food is not a ticket to stay and it is clearly stated.

This is not the first time we’ve had this issue. Last summer we gave several the opportunity to pay or leave after being caught. Moving forward, if you are caught sneaking in you will be asked to leave with bo exceptions. If we are going to keep this drive in alive we are going to have to start cracking down. It’s not fair to us, the studios, and definitely not fair to those who did the right thing.

With 2 kids movies on screen I want to ask the parents, what example are you setting for your children?

We have to pay the studios a percentage based on how many people are on the field for the show. This will result in an additional expense for us and eventually an increase in ticket pricing to cover the additional expense if it continues.

To all of you who are honest we thank you and appreciate you dearly.

Our other option is to have those who are picking up food park outside and walk in.