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Rain is approaching our region from the southwest.

Here is what the 7 AM radar looked like. Blue is snow. Pink is mixture. Green is rain.

To say this is a complicated forecast is an understatement.

It is possible that portions of the winter weather advisory receive little or no snowfall. That is because of warm ground conditions. Warm road conditions.

The wet snow is going to have to come down hard enough to overcome these warm surface conditions.

A narrow band of heavy snow totals will be possible. Perhaps greater than three inches in a few locations. But confidence in the details remains low.

Let’s look at some future-cast radars. What radar might look like later today.

Hrrr model. Time is in Zulu. 12z=6 am. 18z=12 pm. 06z=6 pm. 00z=12 am.

Blue is snow.

NAM model. Time is in Zulu. 12z=6 am. 18z=12 pm. 06z=6 pm. 00z=12 am.

The National Weather Service has a winter weather advisory in effect for many areas. Again, don’t be surprised if some areas in the advisory receive little or no snow. That is the forecast.

A few more graphics from the NWS.

Beau Dodson Weather Radars and Lightning Data

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