MAYFIELD, KENTUCKY (NewsFirst) — The fate of the historic Hall Hotel hangs in the balance as the Board of Condemnation steps in to prevent its potential demolition. With a vote in favor, the board grants the owners, Youngblood Investment Properties LLC, a crucial 28-day window to present their plans for the property’s future.

Roger Youngblood, representing the property owners, passionately advocates against tearing down the building, emphasizing its potential for a bright future. Amidst the scrutiny, questions arise regarding the delay in disclosing plans to the public. The city asserts that the hotel has suffered significant damage from a tornado and neglect, rendering it unfit for habitation.

Despite the challenges, the Youngbloods are committed to preserving the building, albeit acknowledging the time it will take. Reflecting on the progress made by Mayfield in recent years, Roger highlights the importance of patience and perseverance in revitalizing the community.

Macy Youngblood Towery echoes this sentiment, addressing concerns about funding and bureaucratic hurdles. Dexter Youngblood emphasizes the safety of the structure, backed by assessments from qualified engineers. Moreover, the family is collaborating with a nonprofit organization to restore the building to its former glory.

For the Youngbloods, saving the Hall Hotel is not merely about preserving a historic landmark but also about serving the community. Fond memories of shared meals and experiences underscore their dedication to its restoration. While specific plans remain undisclosed, the family envisions a multipurpose facility that will enrich the lives of Mayfield residents.

As the community awaits a final decision, scheduled for the upcoming committee meeting on March 12th, the Youngbloods remain steadfast in their commitment to safeguarding this cherished piece of Mayfield’s heritage.