MURRAY, KY – West KY News First congratulates the Southwest Elementary Academic Team on their district championship!

Quick Recall Team-1st place

Grace Munoz, Ethan Pervine, Daniel Briedwell, Madison Purdy, Kinley Brown, Anna Grace Pearson, Blakelyn Gilbert, JR Wade

FPS-1st place

Gunnar Champion, Emmitt Champion, Ethan Pervine, Anna Grace Pearson

Content Assessments

Ryder Wallace-2nd Place Mathematics

Daniel Briedwell-4th Place Mathematics, Tied for 1st Place Social Studies

Grace Munoz-1st Place Science

Hannady Loveless-2nd Place Science, 2nd Place Composition

Kinley Brown-3rd Place Science

Liam Morris-Tied for 1st Place Social Studies

Madison Purdy-1st Place Language Arts

Azlyn Rose-3rd Place Language Arts

Anna Grace Pearson-5th Place Language Arts

Ethan Pervine-1st Place Arts and Humanities

Isla Gupton-2nd Place Arts and Humanities

Blakelyn Gilbert-Tied for 3rd Place Arts and Humanities