MURRAY, KY (NEWS FIRST) – Murray electric releases an updated map showcasing the current locations where crews are actively engaged in converting cable internet to fiber. These areas are either already fiber-ready or will be imminently.

If you are presently an internet customer residing in these regions, anticipate a forthcoming communication from our contractors, New Vision Communications, to arrange a fiber installation. We urge you to promptly respond to their outreach to expedite the conversion project’s timeline.

For non-customers residing within these zones, rejoice! You now have the opportunity to have MES fiber installed at your residence. Simply reach out to us at 270-753-5312 to schedule an appointment.

Please be aware that this remains part of Phase 1 – The Southwest District, with updated street information. For your convenience, comprehensive maps of both Phase 1 – Southwest District and the areas where fiber conversion has been completed are provided in the comments section.