JEFFERSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS (NewsFirst) — At 5:30 this morning, an observant off-duty deputy noticed a suspicious vehicle (due to appearance and no plates) near the intersection of W 21st Ave & Eldridge St. When on-duty deputies arrived, they approached the pick-up truck and discovered a man sleeping inside.

Despite commands, the man struggled to wake up. Upon opening the driver’s door to better communicate with the man, the deputy immediately noticed an altered rifle between the door and the driver’s seat. The deputy was able to quickly seize the firearm, later discovered to be loaded (including one in the chamber) and stolen. The vehicle also turned out to be stolen.

The man tried to exit the driver’s door by pushing past the deputy, then tried to close the door on the deputy. When the second deputy came around to the driver’s side to assist, the man fled from the passenger side. During a search of the area, deputies were able to locate and arrest the suspect, hiding in the yard of a residence in the 13800 block of W 21st Ave.

In addition to the stolen vehicle and rifle, deputies found multiple drugs in the vehicle that tested presumptive positive for Fentanyl and Methamphetamine. The suspect had a no bond felony warrant for a parole violation, and a protection order that prohibited him from possessing a firearm. He is facing multiple additional charges as a result of his recent ventures.