MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KENTUCKY(NewsFirst) — The McCracken County Sheriff’s Office apprehended two individuals following a tip-off from the McCracken County Department of Community Based Services (DCBS).

On Friday, deputies received a report from DCBS concerning alleged illegal drug activity at a residence on Blandville Road, where three minor children resided. According to the complaint, drug use was purportedly occurring in the presence of the children.

Upon investigation, deputies identified the occupants of the residence as 60-year-old Donald Reaves and 38-year-old Rachel Baumann.

During the search, law enforcement discovered a small quantity of Methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, some of which were accessible to the children.

As a result, Reaves and Baumann were arrested on charges related to drug possession. Additionally, Baumann faced a charge of wanton endangerment. Both individuals were subsequently booked into the McCracken County Jail.