WILLIAMSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS (NewsFirst) — Violation Order of Protection Methamphetamine

Williamson County, Illinois – On February 17, 2024, at 1009 hours, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to the 16000 block of Pittsburg Road to the report of a violation of an order of protection.

The reporting party advised that Christopher R. Knapp was at the protected address in violation of an order of protection.

Upon arrival Deputies observed Knapp standing in the driveway holding several tools. Deputies escorted Knapp to the front of a patrol vehicle and began to search him incident to his arrest.

Prior to beginning the search Knapp stated “Just so you know I have a little dope on me.”

While searching Knapp Deputies located a white glass smoking device and a plastic jar containing a white crystalline substance that later field tested positive for Methamphetamine.

Knapp was cited for the following:

Possession of Methamphetamine

Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

Violation of Order Of Protection

Knapp was transported to and remanded into the custody of the Williamson County Jail.

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