GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. (AP) — Graves County deputies discovered that a suspect was engaged in a high-speed chase exceeding 100 mph over an alleged road rage incident, according to a press release from the Carlisle County Sheriff’s office.

The pursuit, which originated in Graves County, traversed into Ballard County, where the suspect veered off-road into a field. Attempting to evade capture, the suspect fled on foot through a field and subsequently into a swamp.

Trapped in mud and water ranging from waist to shoulder deep, the suspect called out for help as temperatures hovered near freezing. Law enforcement officers responded to the distress call, ultimately rescuing the suspect.

Upon arrival at the emergency room via Ballard County Ambulance, the suspect’s core internal body temperature was recorded at 91 degrees, indicating the critical nature of the situation.

Eyewitnesses, including law enforcement officers and EMTs present at the scene, praised the professionalism displayed during the rescue operation, crediting their efforts with saving the suspect’s life.

The suspect now faces multiple charges spanning Graves, Carlisle, and Ballard Counties, according to Sheriff Jon Hayden.