WILLIAMSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS (NewsFirst) — Stolen ATV Located And Returned To Rightful Owner

Williamson County, Illinois – During the “Non-Custodial Parental Child Abduction & Endangering The Life Or Health Of A Child” case which occurred on February 27, 2024, Deputies discovered the ATV the suspect fled on was stolen.

After arresting the suspect Deputies learned that the ATV was abandoned in the woods. The area it was abandoned in included hundreds of acres of rough terrain, dense woods, and brush.

Deputies driven to recover the stolen ATV searched unsuccessfully throughout the night until thunderstorms forced them to stop.

On February 28, 2024, Deputies assigned to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit, who were scheduled for routine training activities, learned of the missing ATV.

The K9 Unit relocated their scheduled training to the area of the abandoned ATV in hopes that while conducting training activities they could recover the Stolen ATV.

After searching hundreds of acres their efforts proved successful and the ATV was recovered and has since been returned to its rightful owner.

Sheriff Jeff Diederich stated, “The commitment of our Deputies to locate this ATV reflects the overall drive each member of the Sheriff’s Office has for our community. The victim of this ATV theft deserved to have the property they worked hard for returned and that is exactly what occurred”.


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Williamson County Sheriff’s Office (Illinois)

Non-Custodial Parental Child Abduction & Endangering The Life Or Health Of A Child

Hurst, Illinois – On February 27, 2024, at 1529 hours Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Williamson Street in Hurst.

Ricky A. Cooper, known to Deputies from prior law enforcement contact, was observed operating a four wheeler on a public roadway holding a 3 year old child without a helmet.

Upon observing Deputies attempting to stop him, Cooper disobeyed multiple stop signs and fled.

Deputies immediately terminated the traffic stop to avoid endangering the child.

Deputies discovered that Cooper is the child’s father however, he does not have custodial rights and had picked him up from the child’s grandparents.

After Cooper failed to return home with the child upon nightfall Deputies began following up on leads throughout the community.

During this time more than a dozen members of the community responded believing the child was lost; unaware that the child was with his father.

At 2110 hours, family members advised that Cooper had contacted them and wanted the child picked up and would then surrender to law enforcement.

At 2130 hours, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were notified the child was picked up by his grandmother.

Moments later Cooper was taken into custody. While speaking with Cooper he stated that the four wheeler he had been riding was stolen.

The stolen ATV has not been recovered and Deputies are continuing to search for it.

Cooper was cited for the following:

Aggravated Fleeing And Eluding A Peace Officer

(Class 4 Felony)

Child Abduction

(Class 4 Felony)

Obstructing Justice

(Class 4 Felony)

Endangering The Life Or Health Of A Child

(Class A Misdemeanor)

Driving Wile License Revoked

(Class A Misdemeanor)

Stop Sign (x2)

Operating An ATV On Roadway

Operating Uninsured Motor Vehicle

Cooper was transported to and remanded into the custody of the Williamson County Jail.

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