BROOKPORT, Ill. (NEWS FIRST) — Deputies rushed to the scene of a three-vehicle collision on the Brookport Bridge yesterday at 4:38 pm, where traffic came to a standstill, blocking the bridge.

According to the investigation, 73-year-old Francine Jeffords of Brookport, IL, was driving a 2005 Ford minivan toward IL when she attempted to avoid striking a stalled vehicle in the right lane by veering into the left lane. This action resulted in a collision with a vehicle in the left oncoming lane, subsequently striking the stalled vehicle.

The stalled vehicle, a 2008 Honda passenger car, was being operated by 40-year-old Brandon Evans of Metropolis, IL, who fortunately sustained no injuries.

Shavon Ferrell, 32, of Aurora, IL, was driving a 2009 Lexus passenger car in the left lane toward Paducah when Jeffords crossed into the left lane, resulting in a collision. Both Ferrell and Jeffords were transported to area hospitals for non-incapacitating injuries.

Four minors, including Alivia Stephens, Timothy Stevens, Lariah Fisher (ages 13, 12, and 9 respectively), and 8-year-old Selina Fisher, were also involved in Jeffords’ vehicle, with no apparent injuries.

Brandon Evans, who was operating his vehicle without a driver’s license or insurance, was cited for “no operator’s license” and “failure to maintain insurance.” Evans was also taken into custody due to an unrelated warrant.

Speedy’s Towing, assisted by Vanzant Towing, worked alongside Concord Fire Department, Mercy EMS, and Kentucky State Police to swiftly reopen the bridge for travel. Kentucky State Highway responded to ensure the safety of the bridge.

The bridge closure lasted less than two hours, reopening at 6:03 pm.