Cocaine | Disorderly Conduct

On February 29, 2024, at 0301 hours, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a call for service in the 3400 block of Herrin Road, Carterville, in reference to a neighbor dispute.

Upon arrival, Deputies spoke with the homeowner who stated her neighbor, Trissa A. McClintock had been in and out of her yard several times throughout the night, yelling, and “banging” on things.

Deputies are familiar with the suspect through prior calls for service and had responded to that residence approximately 40 minutes prior for a trespassing complaint. McClintock was verbally trespassed from the neighbors property at that time.

The homeowner advised she was asleep when McClintock came on to her property the first time and began yelling causing her to awaken.

The homeowner further stated that McClintock eventually left her property returning to her residence prior to Deputies arrival.

Deputies relocated to McClintock’s residence to speak with her, observing the lights inside the residence to be on. As Deputies pulled their patrol vehicle into the driveway they observed the lights inside the residence shut off.

Deputies approached the residence and could hear someone moving around inside. Upon making contact with McClintock Deputies explained the reason for their presence.

McClintock stated she just woke up and had not been outside of her residence for the past few hours.

McClintock was advised she was under arrest, handcuffed, and taken to a patrol vehicle.

McClintock was transported to and remanded into the custody of the Williamson County Jail.

While conducting an inventory of McClintock’s belongings, Deputies located a clear plastic bag inside her purse that contained a white crystal like substance. The substance later field tested positive for Cocaine.

McClintock was cited for the following:

Possession of Controlled Substance

Disorderly Conduct

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