CALLOWAY COUNTY, KENTUCKY (NewsFirst) — On March 12, 2024, Robert Coleman was arrested on an indictment warrant that was issued by the Calloway County Grand Jury this month. Coleman has an extensive arrest history including being found guilty of possessing methamphetamine on two other occasions in 2016 and 2020. He was lodged at the Calloway County Detention Center.

Robert F. Coleman, 47

Hazel, Ky

Traff in Contr Subst 1st Deg, 1st Off >2 gms- Methamphetamine (Class C felony)

Poss Contr Subst 1st Deg, 3rd or > Off- Opiates (Class D felony)

Poss Contr Subst 2nd Deg- Hallucinogen

Poss Contr Subst 3rd Deg- Drug Unspecified

Poss of Drug Paraphernalia

Persistent Felony Offender