PADUCAH, KY (News First) – In a recent development, authorities have issued a warning to the public regarding fraudulent phone calls impersonating law enforcement officers. Numerous citizens reported receiving calls allegedly from Sgt. Jordan Murphy, informing them of missed court appearances and outstanding warrants.

However, Sgt. Jordan Murphy denies making any such calls, confirming suspicions of a scam targeting unsuspecting individuals. The impostors falsely claim that individuals have warrants and solicit money to resolve the alleged legal issues.

Law enforcement officials emphasize that legitimate notifications about warrants or legal matters would not occur over the phone. Furthermore, they assert that they never solicit money to handle legal matters.

Citizens are urged to exercise caution and vigilance when receiving such calls, and to verify the authenticity of any communication claiming to be from law enforcement agencies. Anyone encountering such suspicious calls is advised to report them immediately to local authorities to prevent further exploitation.