Calloway County, Kentucky (NewsFirst) — On April 6, 2024, at approximately 10:00pm deputies conducted a traffic stop on Ingram Lane for traffic violations. Deputies observed the driver, Angela Kuhr, attempt to conceal a baggie of pills during the stop. They were believed to be schedule 2 narcotics and legend drugs. A search of the vehicle revealed methamphetamine.

A search warrant was obtained for her residence, along with all vehicles and parties located at Kuhr’s address. John L. Garnett Jr. was located at that address along with his vehicle. While attempting to explain to Garnett what was happening, he became very argumentative and would not comply with deputies’ requests. They attempted to detain him and he resisted. Inside his vehicle there was a quantity of methamphetamine and other schedule 2 narcotics consistent with trafficking of the drugs. Both subjects were lodged at the Calloway County Detention Facility.

Angela M. Kuhr, 56

Almo, Ky

Traff Contr Sub 1st Deg, 1st Off >/=2 gms- Methamphetamine (Class C felony)

Illegal Poss of a Legend Drug

Tampering with Physical Evidence

Poss of Drug Paraphernalia

Poss of Contr Subst 1st Deg 1st Off -Drug Unspecified (Class D felony)

John L. Garnett Jr., 53

Hardin, Ky

Traff Contr Sub 1st Deg, 1st Off >/=2 gms- Methamphetamine (Class C felony)

Traff Contr Sub 1st Off (Class D felony)

Poss Contr Subst 1st Deg, 2nd Off- Drug Unspecified (Class D felony)

Resisting Arrest

Poss of Drug Paraphernalia