McCracken County, Kentucky (NewsFirst) — Today at 9:14 AM CFD Engine 42 and PFD Engine 22 were dispatched to the area of the 3 Eastbound I-24 for diesel fuel on the roadway causing hazardous driving conditions.

21 minutes later while units were on the interstate, a 2 vehicle accident with injuries occurred approximately 200 feet behind where Engine 42 was staged to slow traffic due to the diesel spill.

Engine 42 and Engine 22 worked on scene for 49 minutes before going back in service. The roadway is STILL slick not only due to the wet road conditions but the diesel fuel that has been spilled from the 3 Eastbound to past the 16 Eastbound of I-24. Please use extreme caution while driving and always stay alert for changing road conditions. All agencies on scene are listed below.

Paducah Fire Department

Paducah Police Department Kentucky

Mercy Regional Emergency Medical Service

Vanzants Towing

McCracken County Emergency Management