Graves County, Kentucky (NewsFirst) — Disturbance / Attempted Burglary / Criminal Mischief

At 2:56PM Thursday, sheriff’s deputies were notified that a Graves County School Bus, and other vehicles were being accosted by a man wearing blue jeans and no shirt, in the area of Pilot Oak, at the intersection of Ky Hwy 94 and Ky Hwy 129.

The man reportedly was attempting to break out windows on the school bus, and other vehicles driving through the area.

Numerous sheriff’s deputies immediately responded to the area. As they were enroute, another call came in of an attempted residential burglary also occurring in that same area.

As deputies arrived on scene, they observed the suspect on Ky Hwy 129 south of Ky Hwy 94 in the yard of a residence. The man was yelling and obviously manifestly under the influence of some sort of drug(s). The man was taken into custody after having to be physically tackled by deputies. The man attempted at one point to escape from a sheriff’s cruiser but was quickly subdued.

The investigation determined that as the Graves County School Bus stopped at the intersection, the suspect approached the bus and began hitting the bus windows in what witnesses described as him trying to knock the windows out, and he also broke a driver side mirror on the bus. The bus contained 29 students, the bus driver and a bus monitor. The bus driver immediately pulled forward to prevent any harm to the students. As other vehicles passed through, the suspect caused damage to at least two additional vehicles. No children, or other persons were injured.

After this, the suspect went on foot to a residence on Ky Hwy 129 and attempted entry into a home with force, breaking a window to attempt to gain access. The homeowner had armed themselves and called 911.

Two-armed Graves County School Resource Officers also responded to the scene to assist in the security of the children on the bus.

The suspect was transported to Jackson Purchase Medical Center for treatment of his injuries he sustained in his arrest as well to monitor his intoxicated state. Once being medically cleared; he will be taken to an out of county detention facility.

Arrested: Bruner, Andrew D. age 41

of Pilot Oak area of Graves Co.

Charges: Wanton Endangerment 31 Counts

Menacing 31 Counts

Criminal Mischief 3 Counts

Resisting Arrest

Attempted 2nd Degree Burglary

Public Intoxication

Disorderly Conduct

Criminal Trespass 3rd Degree

Bruner is a convicted felon for the residential burglary in the Pilot Oak area in 2021, and the theft of a firearm in 2022.