PADUCAH, Ky. (News First) — A Paducah woman and her boyfriend are behind bars, facing charges of first-degree criminal abuse of a child aged 12 or younger, after her toddler was hospitalized with extensive injuries.

According to a Paducah Police news release, Maalik S. Rush, 24, and Willow K. Devasier, 22, both residing on Walter Jetton Boulevard, were arrested following an investigation into the condition of the child.

Authorities were alerted around 4 p.m. Sunday when the 2-year-old was brought to a local hospital by her mother, Devasier, and Rush. The child exhibited bruises across her body and was diagnosed with a fractured skull and brain bleed. She was subsequently transferred to an out-of-state hospital for further treatment.

Initially, Rush claimed the injuries occurred when the child fell in the bathtub and hit her head on the faucet, while Devasier stated that the bruises were the result of previous falls. However, medical experts determined that the injuries were inconsistent with their explanations.

Following interviews with detectives, Rush and Devasier were taken into custody and booked into McCracken County Regional Jail.

The investigation is ongoing.