MAYFIELD, Ky. (News First) — In a bid to foster transparency and community cooperation, Recovery Now Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, located at 4747 Old Dublin Road, announces the adoption of a text notification process for nearby residents.

Scheduled to open on May 15, 2024, the facility assures residents of their commitment to safety. As outlined in a recent community meeting on May 22, Recovery Now pledges to provide transportation for any resident wishing to leave the facility, minimizing the likelihood of individuals wandering into neighboring areas.

However, in the rare occurrence of a patient leaving on foot against medical advice, Recovery Now is prepared to dispatch text notifications to concerned residents. Law enforcement will also be promptly informed in such instances.

Residents of the vicinity who wish to receive text alerts in the event of a walkaway are encouraged to contact David Jarrett at Recovery Now at (765)299-6996. Alternatively, they can leave their contact details in the comments section below for inclusion in the notification system.

Sheriff Jon Hayden extends gratitude to the administration of Recovery Now for their proactive approach in addressing community concerns stemming from prior experiences with a former rehabilitation center at the same location.

Please disseminate this vital information among fellow residents of the area.

(Contact: David Jarrett, Recovery Now, (765)299-6996)