MURRAY, Ky (News First) — The Murray Police Department has disclosed its April 2024 crime statistics, shedding light on the state of public safety in the community. The data, unveiled in a comprehensive report, offers insight into the prevalent criminal activities and the department’s response.

According to the report, incidents of petty theft witnessed a marginal decrease compared to the previous month, indicating a potential stabilization in this category. However, authorities highlighted an alarming surge in vandalism cases, with a notable uptick observed in various neighborhoods across Murray.

Sergeant Emily Parker, spokesperson for the Murray Police Department, emphasized the significance of community engagement in combating such criminal activities. “We urge residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior promptly,” she stated. “Collaboration between law enforcement and the community is essential in ensuring a safe and secure environment for all.”

In addition to presenting statistical data, the report provided an overview of emergency calls received by the department during the month of April. While instances of domestic disturbances remained consistent with previous months, authorities noted an increase in calls related to noise complaints and disturbances in public spaces.

“We recognize the importance of addressing quality-of-life concerns that impact residents on a daily basis,” remarked Chief Thomas Reynolds. “Efforts to enhance community policing strategies are underway to address these issues effectively.”

The release of the April 2024 crime statistics underscores the Murray Police Department’s commitment to transparency and accountability. As law enforcement continues to adapt to evolving challenges, collaboration with residents remains a cornerstone in fostering a safer community for all.