I have not been looking forward to posting this although it has been coming for quite some time.

Due to health-related issues, I will be retiring from the Carlisle County Sheriff’s Office at the end of this month. I have spent half my life in law enforcement. I couldn’t name everyone that I have to thank for guiding and teaching me to become the law enforcement officer that I am today. I have had several great leaders and have had a well-rounded career. I do want to thank the citizens of Carlisle County for electing me to serve as your Sheriff these past five years. I appreciate all the support and faith that you have shown in me. No one deserves more recognition for supporting more than my wife and kids. They have had to endure missed ballgames, dinners, events, competitions, and get togethers throughout my career and have always supported me without wavering in my endeavors.

I didn’t enter this second term as your Sheriff thinking that this would be the outcome. None of us really plan for major health concerns. Unfortunately, that is the card that I have been delt and I must make adjustments to address it. I’m not sure what the future holds, and I suspect that I will be in some type of service in the future.

I have recommended to Judge Executive Greg Terry that Chief Deputy Eric Perry be appointed to Sheriff in my absence until an election is held. There is no one in this county that is better suited to fill the role of Sheriff than Eric Perry. He has worked for this office for the past 14 years; He understand what it takes to run the office both on the Law Enforcement side and the Administrative side. He absolutely has earned the right to fill that position. I will work with him to help provide a seamless transition and I have absolute trust that the men and women of the Carlisle County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide a great service to this community. I ask that the support that has been shown to me be extended to Chief Deputy Eric Perry moving forward.


Sheriff Will Gilbert