PADUCAH, KY (May 31, 2024) — The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet anticipates ongoing work zone construction and long-term maintenance activities at the following locations will impact traffic during the week of June 2-8.  

More detailed information on these work zones (including maps) can be found on our Facebook page listed below. 

I-24 Paving & Rehab 29 to 33mm in Livingston County
This work zone with lane restrictions will be active from 6 p.m., to 6 a.m., each night, from the 29.54mm at the Tennessee River Bridge, extending eastward to the 33.6mm near the Cumberland River Bridge. It connects with a work zone on the I-24 TN River Bridge.   There is a 55 mph speed limit, enhanced enforcement, and interactive signage. Due to traffic backups, consider a self-detour via U.S. 62 between Exit 40 and Exit 27.  Watch for work zone updates. Target completion date is August 1, 2024.

I-24 Tennessee River Bridge at 29mm
This work zone includes 11-ft lane width restrictions for eastbound and westbound traffic on the I-24 Tennessee River Bridge at the 29mm. There is an 8 ft.-6 in. max load width and 13 ft- 6 in. max height restriction, a 55 MPH speed limit, enhanced enforcement, double fines, and a concrete barrier wall.  Local commuters should consider a self-detour via U.S. 62 between Exit 27 and Exit 40 during peak travel. Some occasional lane restrictions will be required at night and on weekends as construction progresses.  Watch for updates.  Target for completion is Dec 1, 2024.

I-24 Eastbound at 58mm in Trigg County
Watch for a work zone on I-24 westbound near the 58 mile marker in Trigg County to allow removal of temporary gravel ramps in the median.  All westbound traffic will move to the right-hand or driving lane. When possible, this work zone will be taken down on weekends and holidays.  KYTC personnel are milling up gravel at a former concrete recycling site and hauling it to the construction site for a new salt storage dome and equipment yard off KY 1523 at I-24 Exit 25.  Work will take about two to three weeks.  Watch for an eastbound work zone at this site soon.

U.S. 45 Ohio River “Brookport” Bridge
The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) plans milling and paving along U.S. 45 at the north end of the U.S. 45 Ohio River “Brookport” Bridge. This will require the IDOT contractor to have flaggers at the Kentucky end of the bridge from time to time. The project runs along U.S. 45 in Illinois from Brookport to near Metropolis.  Work is expected to take about five weeks.

U.S. 60 Work Zone at 8.6mm in Marion/Crittenden County
This work zone on U.S. 60/Gum Street at Crittenden County High/Middle School and the Crittenden County Hospital includes lane restrictions with alternating flow controlled by an automated signal.  This is along U.S. 60 near the 8.6mm between Country Club Drive and Yandell Street.  Expect delays.  Entrances to the school complex and the hospital along U.S. 60 are open with traffic using alternate exit points.  The project includes additional work along U.S. 60 West of Marion to the KY 297 intersection.  The target completion date is August 10.

Mowing Season is Here 
Please slow down and use extra caution anytime you enter a mowing zone where tractors and equipment may have to cross travel lanes from time to time as operators go about their work. A crew is working along Interstate 24 and along highways across many of our counties as weather allows. As a reminder, political signs and other advertising are not allowed on state highway right-of-way and should be removed. Illegal signs create a hazard to mowing crews and travelers. Illegal signs may be removed from the right-of-way without notice to the owner. 

I-24 Work Zone Westbound in Lyon County
A westbound work zone lane restriction is up on I-24 from the 50.5 to 47.5mm in Lyon County for concrete pavement repairs.  The work is expected to take several weeks.  Watch for updates.

Purchase Parkway/KY 307 Fulton Exit 2 is Open
All ramps at Purchase Parkway/KY 307 Fulton Exit 2 are open.  Reconstruction of the ramps has progressed to allow traffic to run on base courses of asphalt until a final driving surface is added.  Thanks to everyone for your patience during the extended interchange closure.

Purchase Parkway at KY/TN State Line
Watch for work zone lane restrictions along the Purchase Parkway from 0.0mm at the KY-TN State Line extending to 1.8mm for shoulder repairs and bridge work.  This work zone includes a barrier wall and a 13 ft. max load width restriction.

Purchase Parkway Extended Work Zone 0 to 21mm
This work zone runs from the Kentucky-Tennessee State Line at Fulton and the U.S. 45/KY 80-Bypass Mayfield Exit 21 interchange in Mayfield.  The work zone includes a 13 ft. maximum load width restriction at mile point 1.3 near Fulton. The 13 ft. maximum load width restriction is expected to remain in place until March 29.  On completion late this year, Interstate 69 will be extended along the final 21 miles of the existing parkway. The target completion date for all of the upgrades is December 15, 2024.

U.S. 51 Traffic Changes in Bardwell
Watch for traffic flow changes along U.S. 51 through Bardwell at the U.S. 51/U.S. 62/Front Street Intersection and the U.S. 51 Intersection with Jennings Street starting Tuesday.  The U.S. 51/U.S. 62 intersection will become an ALL-WAY Stop with the addition of stop signs for north-south traffic on U.S. 51 – Stop signs are already in place for U.S. 62 and Front St.  The traffic signal at the U.S. 51 intersection with Jennings St will be placed in YELLOW flashing or caution mode for north-south U.S. 51 traffic and RED flashing or stop mode for east-west traffic on Jennings Street.  After 90-days KYTC engineers will determine if the signal should be removed.  Be alert for crews working in this area Tuesday morning.  Motorists should be alert for changes in traffic flow these alterations will bring to U.S. 51 through Bardwell.

KY 783/Crossland Rd Extended Closure in Calloway County
An extended closure of KY 783/Crossland Road in Calloway County at the 4.19mm is to allow the West Fork Clarks River Bridge to be replaced. This closure is about 1/2 mile south of the Wiswell community.  The contractor has established a marked detour for this site via KY 1828/Midway Rd and U.S. 641.  The target completion date is October 1, 2024.

KY 778/Will Jackson Rd Closed inTrigg County Postponed
A planned closure of KY 778/Will Jackson Road at mile point 6.5 to allow the Shelly Branch Culvert to be replaced is postponed. This closure is along KY 778/Will Jackson Road between Reddick Pond Road and Trigg Furnace Road will be rescheduled sometime this fall.

KY 2603/Vanzora Rd at Soldier Creek Bridge in Marshall County
A new bridge is being constructed over Soldier Creek Bridge along KY 2603/Vanzora Road at 1.17mm in Marshall County. The roadway is closed. The target completion date is October 1, 2024.

KY 1485/Bellville Rd Closed in Southern Graves County
KY 1485/Bellville Road in Graves County is closed at the Terrapin Creek Bridge near the 2 mile marker – about two miles north of the KY-TN State Line.  An inspection team found deterioration of the bridge substructure. The bridge is closed to all traffic until further notice.  There is no marked detour.  KY 1485/Bellville Road connects to Boydsville Road at the state line. Engineers will determine if the bridge can be repaired.

KY 295 Closed at Lyon-Crittenden County Line
KY 295 is closed at Lyon County mile point 9.419 at the Livingston Creek Bridge between Eddyville and Dycusburg after a detailed inspection identified structural issues on the bridge. The bridge is closed until further notice. This is along KY 295 at Crittenden County, mile point 0.0 between Joe Peek Road in Lyon County and Millie Peek Road in Crittenden County. Signs and barricades are posted.

KY 135/Carrsville Rd is Open in Livingston County (NEW)
KY 135/Carrsville Road in Livingston County is open at mile point 3.31 near the Hampton community.  Construction of a new bridge over a branch of Bayou Creek about 1/2 mile north of the KY 838/Hampton Road intersection is complete.

U.S. 641-Business/North 4th Street in Murray
U.S. 641-Business/North 4th Street in Murray is closed north of KY 94/East Main Street for curb, gutter, and concrete pavement work.  The contractor is moving northward along U.S. 641-Business about a block at a time until work is completed between Main Street and Chestnut.  Access will be maintained for businesses.  Motorists may self-detour via side streets. Due to utility work required as part of the project, the target completion is extended to June 15, 2024.

KY 408 Extended Closure East of Benton in Marshall County
KY 408/Egners Ferry Road is closed immediately east of Benton.  The project between KY 1462/Benton-Birmingham Road and KY 1897/Olive-Hamlet Road includes construction of 4 bridges over Johns River and Clarks River.  A marked detour via U.S. 68 and KY 1462/Benton-Birmingham Road adds 2.2 miles or about 4 minutes of travel time. The target completion date is August 15, 2025.

KY 780 in Hickman County Closed at Bayou de Chien Bridge
KY 780 is closed at mile point 3.818 due to substructure deterioration on the Bayou de Chien Bridge between U.S. 51 and Martin Road.  This is on the leg of KY 780 West of U.S. 51.  The bridge will remain closed until engineers can develop a repair plan.  Motorists may self-detour via the north end of KY 780 to U.S. 51/South Washington Street at the edge of Clinton.

KY 945 Closed at Gilbert Creek Culvert in Graves County
KY 945 remains closed at the 1.14mm in Graves County at the Gilbert Creek Culvert due to erosion damage from flash flooding in July.  KYTC engineers are working on plans to replace the damaged concrete culvert with a new bridge.  Demolition of the existing culvert is expected to start soon.

Please be alert and use extra caution anytime you encounter a work zone.  Slow down and put down your cell phone.  Watch for flaggers and pay attention to the directions they provide to guide you safely on your way.  All work is scheduled on a weather-permitting basis. 

This list includes many of the significant work zone and highway closure locations around the region.  Information on short-term work zones for maintenance activities may not appear on this list.  For the latest traffic updates and postings of more detailed info on these work zones and others, please go to or follow us on Twitter @kytcdistrict1.

District 1 is responsible for 2,852 miles of highway in Fulton, Hickman, Carlisle, Ballard, McCracken, Graves, Calloway, Marshall, Livingston, Crittenden, Lyon & Trigg counties.