MARSHALL COUNTY, (News First) – Sheriff Matt Hilbrecht has introduced a new initiative, “If it Matters to Marshall, it Matters to Sheriff Matt,” aimed at enhancing communication between his office and the citizens of Marshall County. Sheriff Hilbrecht acknowledges that elected officials often do not engage with the community until election season.

Having spent the past year and a half focusing on budgets, updating equipment, and staffing, Sheriff Hilbrecht is now prioritizing community engagement. He plans to host meetings across the county, providing citizens with the opportunity to share their concerns. For those unable to attend in person, Sheriff Matt will also host several Facebook Live sessions.

Additionally, deputies will participate in various community events, offering residents the chance to meet and connect with those who serve them.

The first set of events, in partnership with the Marshall County Parks Department, will take place in June at different park locations throughout the county. Details are available in the attached flyer. Deputies look forward to spending time with kids and their families at these events.