Benton, KY (News First) – Judge Executive Kevin Spraggs and Sheriff Matt Hilbrecht are

proud to announce the designation of Marshall County’s first internet purchase exchange


The designated area, under constant video surveillance, is located in the parking lot of the

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and is marked with signage. This location may be used by

individuals buying or selling items online that need a safe place to meet to exchange purchased


“Technology and the internet have changed the landscape of peer to peer commerce.

Purchasing an item from an unknown individual online has often led people to meet strangers in

unknown locations that may not be safe. We are proud to support this effort to give our

residents a safe place for these transactions to take place.” commented Judge Executive Kevin


The exchange locations have gained popularity across the country and Sheriff Matt Hilbrecht

was excited to play a part in bringing a location to Marshall County. “In our profession, we often

see the worst case scenarios play out. We want to take every opportunity to prevent those bad

situations and give our citizens a safe, secure, monitored and well lit space for these

transactions to happen.” said Hilbrecht.

Both Spraggs and Hilbrecht have made the safety and well being of Marshall County citizens a

priority and look forward to partnering and working closely on additional projects in the future.

They credit the quick realization of this idea to their great working relationship and shared


The exchange location is available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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